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Top 12 Clockology-Inspired Watch Faces

Apple Watch faces are a great starting point for users who want to personalize their watch. However, once you’ve explored the tech giant’s collection, you might want something new or different.  Did you know that you don’t have to wait for the next iOS update to get more watch faces? That’s right. There are professional […]

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How to Share Apple Watch Faces

Apple watch faces allow you to customize your watch with unique creations and personalized designs. But did you know you can share watch faces? That’s right — sharing Apple watch faces is possible, and it’s super easy. You can send your best designs to your friends and family to show off your artistic prowess. In […]

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Custom Apple Watch Face apps collect over a million installs monthly

Top Apple Watch face apps collect over a million installs monthly

Apple Watch users have long expressed a common desire for the freedom to personalize their device with third-party watch faces. Unfortunately, they were left disappointed when the company announced that the recently unveiled watchOS 10 would still not support the highly anticipated feature. Apple argues it already gives users a lot of flexibility to customize […]

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The latest news on the watchOS 10 update

Everything You Need To Know About watchOS 10

New watchOS updates are the highlight of any Apple enthusiast’s calendar, especially when they include widget updates and a complete interface overhaul.  If you’ve been counting the days until a watchOS 10 update, we have some excellent news — Apple has released an overview of the next operating system. Announced at the WWCD in June […]

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Over a fifth of the world’s internet users now own a smartwatch

Smartwatches are revolutionizing the tech industry and taking the world by storm, as more and more people are ditching their traditional timepieces in favor of this multifunctional device that does everything from fitness tracking to answering calls. According to the data presented by the Watch Faces team, over a fifth (22.5%) of the world’s internet […]

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All new watchOS 10 watch faces are on the way!

The Latest watchOS 10 Watch Face Drop

Smartwatch enthusiasts, it’s time to rejoice. Apple has confirmed that the long-awaited watchOS 10 is finally on the horizon. The tech giant has stated that we’ll likely see the update by September 2023, and we can’t wait to see the new updates. Alongside a modern look for apps and a fresh Smart Stack feature, users […]

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Apple Watch dominates the market with 50 million units sold in 2022

The Apple Watch has had a tumultuous journey since its release in 2015. Initially dismissed as a flop, it struggled to find a foothold in a market still dominated mainly by traditional watches. However, fast forward eight years, and the tables have turned dramatically.  According to the data analyzed by Watch Faces, Apple Watch’s annual […]

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